November 2007 / Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival

Art Petrus once again participates in the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival printing colour and black & white photographs by Jean-Francois Ferrandez and Umberto Germinale.

October 2007 / Art Petrus, Fontvielle, Monaco

Art Petrus proudly becomes an exclusive distributor of CRUSE scanners for France and Monaco. Having a Cruse scanner ourselves, we know very well what the benefits are of having the best scanner in the world. There is no better technology to scan paintings, antique books, maps, drawings, etc. Read more about it on www.crusescanner.com

September 2007 / Exhibition Everest 8850, Atrium du Casino, Monaco

Art Petrus produces high quality prints for the photographic exhibition by Jean-Marc Nowak. The photographs depict the successful 2007 ascent of Mount Everest by Monaco Alpine Club. Sharp sun, white snow or vivid blue sky, none have been a problem for our 12 colour printer…

September 2007 / Exhibition “Grace Kelly Years”

Art Petrus produces a high quality display for the promotion of this important event in Sydney and Melbourne, Australia. Immaculate print with rich black background was achieved with special UV cured inks.

July 2007 / Oceanographic Museum, Monaco

Art Petrus scans the first poster published by this famous museum, which was produced 100 years ago. The poster, fragile and valuable, couldn’t be kept on display for conservation purposes. The reproduction, showing the full glory of the original, is printed on Museo Max 100% cotton archival paper using pigment inks. It should amaze all visitors for at least another 100 years!

July 2007 / “Memory and Illusions”, book by Marie-Louise Brulatour Mills

Art Petrus manages the creation of another excellent book for this well known artist / historian. The book includes images of 32 paintings and aquarelles, which were scanned and color matched in our studio. Hi-resolution image files, some 1.2 Gb or more, will be further used for limited edition prints and decorative elements accompanying artist’s exhibitions.

June - July 2007 / Photographic exhibition of artist Luz, Galerie du Forum, Monte Carlo

Art Petrus produces archival quality prints for the photographic exhibition of artist Luz. Giclée prints were produced using brightener free 100% cotton paper and super-wide gamut 12 colour pigment inks. The exhibition is organized by Galerie du Forum and it takes place from the 27th of June till the 17th of July 2007.

June 2007 / "Signs", book by artist Harriet Oberländer

Art Petrus proudly contributes in the creation and production of this interesting book. Our experience in managing such projects is further enhanced by the fact that we have an advanced in-house scanning and colour matching facility. We used our Cruse scanner to produce high quality images of Harriet’s paintings, which are essential for such a publication. Another very important benefit however was, that we were able to use images to print archival quality reproductions, each one numbered and signed by the artist and inserted in each book. Giclée quality prints were produced in-house using archival quality cotton canvas and 12 colour pigment inks.

April - May 2007 / Photographic Exhibiton by Claudia Albuquerque, Atrium du Casino, Monte Carlo

Art Petrus is instrumental in planning and organizing this unique exhibition called "Lumiere Du Monde... Love Vibes Across The Universe". Our largest contribution is the printing of 88 photographs on transparent polyester sheets and backlit by more than 100m2 of light walls. Other items produced by Art Petrus are large portraits printed on aluminium panels, display stands, decoration panels and two prints on polycarbonate, one inserted in ice and one placed underneath the waterfall... All items were produced in our studio in Monaco using 6 color UV cured large format inkjet printer.