Digital Master Print®

In a never ending pursuit for perfection, Art Petrus has developed new exciting standard for printing of fine art Limited Edition prints.

Our objective wasn’t to identify the equipment, ink or substrate brand, but rather specify the minimum workflow, equipment level and materials, to guarantee the highest possible quality of digitally printed art.

After researching the most popular labels of quality, which are currently adopted and promoted by the industry like Gicleé or Digigraphie®, we came to the conclusion that they are inadequate to cover the minimum requirements for producing high fidelity Limited Edition prints. The reasons are that they are:

  • not specific / not transparent
  • incomplete, brand focused and commercially driven
  • inadequate

Our objective was not only to guarantee the longevity and color fastness of the print itself, but we also wanted to make sure that the original image, equipment and materials are used to their full potential.

Everybody can produce Giclee, but not everybody can produce a Digital Master Print® as it requires a truly professional approach encompassing digital file acquisition and preparation, complete hi-level color management, excellent knowledge of printing, printer control and materials, and last but not least a perfect collaboration between the digitizing specialist, printer and artist.

All Limited Edition prints are produced by Art Petrus in our studio, including digitization of the original artwork and post-processing of master image.

In order to maintain our superior quality, in contrast to majority of publishers, we produce and post-process our own scans.

Digital Master Print® logo

This logo identifies a Digital Master Print®, which has been produced with the following minimum workflow, material and equipment standards:


    Equipment and techniques used for digitizing must produce an image:

    a)   in exact 1:1 scale with the original
    b)   with no less than 300ppi (non-interpolated) at 100% original's size
    c)   with plane of digitizing guaranteed to be parallel to the original
    d)   with 16 bit color depth per channel or more
    e)   with uniform illumination during the process of digitizing
    f)   with ICC profile tag
    g)   with output file in lossless format
    h)   with equipment color accuracy of ∆E≤1.8


    a)   Image review must be done in an extended color space (Adobe RGB or higher) on a fully calibrated monitor capable of displaying full Adobe RGB color space or more.
    b)   Image adjustments must be performed at 100% size and must include color matching of the original with proofs produced with a printer, ink set and substrate designated for the final reproduction.
    c)   Original artwork must be available during the whole image preparation process.


    Color matching and printing must be performed in a facility with implemented ICC V4 or higher color management compatible workflow.


    a)   Minimum number of colors is 10
    b)   Minimum output resolution is 2400dpi to achieve image definition and clarity without evidence of technology used
    c)   Ink set must be pigment based with archival quality properties tested and certified by WIR or other recognized laboratory
    d)   Printer calibration must be possible on all ink channels to ensure constant and repeatable output


    a)   Substrates must be tested and certified for archival quality by WIR or other recognized laboratory.
    b)   Each substrate must be individually linearized and profiled to obtain the highest possible color gamut and quality. Generic or canned media profiles are not acceptable.


    Prints with aqueous based inks must be protected with professionally applied archival quality varnish tested and certified by WIR or other recognized laboratory.


    Every reproduction of art must be prepared in close cooperation with the artist, resp. owner of the original and endorsed with the "DIGITAL MASTER PRINT®" stamp and signature.


    Every copy of reproduction must be accompanied with the certificate of authenticity including:

    a)   Author / Artist
    b)   Name / Description
    c)   Dimensions of the original and print
    d)   Number produced (only for limited edition)
    e)   Source / Origin of the digital image, equipment used, analog media (if used)
    f)   Printer's name
    g)   Description of the substrate, ink system and finishing
    h)   Artist's or authorized agent signature
    i)   Date


    The final print must be of the highest quality and with marginal difference to the original. Both, artist resp. owner of the original, and printer, must be completely satisfied and convinced that they cannot achieve a better result.

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DIGITAL MASTER PRINT ® is a Registered Trade Mark of ART PETRUS, Monaco