November 2013 / National Archive, Prague, Czech Republic

Art Petrus will present two lectures at Archives , Libraries and Museums in the Digital World conference. First one compares most common large format digitization systems and their compatibility with FADGI and METAMORFOZE guidelines. The second lecture will present solution for digital content presentation and collaboration in museums and galleries developed jointly by ART PETRUS and GENEZA. Conference commences on 27.11.2013 and ends on 29.11.2013.

May 2013 / EDICO SK, Bratislava, Slovakia

Art Petrus supplies and installs Cruse CS220ST-RD scanner for project "COMENIANA - Digitization and presentation of cultural heritage objects". Project is jointly managed by Edico SK and Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of Comenius University.

April 2013 / Slovak Mining Museum, Banská Štiavnica

Mining Museum in Banská Štiavnica has one of the largest collections of painted wooden shooting targets in the world. Originating in the era of Turkish invasions, targets have been used mainly for celebrations. Over 200 targets were scanned on Art Petrus's own Museum scanner.