Guillermo Mordillo is a famous cartoonist, graphic artist, illustrator and master of short animations and is known simply as MORDILLO.

MORDILLO, who was born in 1932 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, is one of the most successful authors of cartoons in the 70's, who was illustrating fairy tale books for children, creating graphics for advertising campaigns, produced animations for cartoons, designed postcards and humorous images. He is best known for his pictures, soaked with lovable humour, vivid colour, without words, he so well depicts the relation between people and the problems of the environment. His favourite motifs are sport, especially golf, football and animals. MORDILLO's work is understood and appreciated all over the world.

ART PETRUS has been working with MORDILLO since 2007, initially digitizing his work and producing prints for exhibitions. In 2009 ART PETRUS and Mordillo launched the MORDILLO COLLECTION Limited Edition prints.

Today ART PETRUS has the worldwide exclusive publishing rights to print and sell MORDILLO COLLECTION.