Art Collection Scanning Services

For galleries, museums and collectors who require digitization of their collection by advanced large format scanning, ART PETRUS offers an immense expertize and worlds best technology to produce exceptional high fidelity images suitable for reproduction, research, education, publishing, insurance and variety of other uses.

Utilizing world's largest portable museum scanner, with working range of 300 x 180 cm, artworks are scanned under LED light without harmful exposure to UV or heat and with minimum handling. Art works are scanned in vertical position, eliminating stress on their structure or canvas, and if required they can be left in the frame or under the glass.

Scanner produces images as large as 1.6 billion pixels, in 48 bit depth, accurate 1:1 scale, without perspective, optical or chromatic errors, and with uniform focus and exposure at every scanned point.

Resulting images are of incredible quality, showing every detail of the original, including the finest surface texture. Scanner color accuracy is second to none, with ∆E≤1.5!

Whatever the purpose of the scan might be, created digital image will strongly influence its application. When you use an image created by Art Petrus everybody will notice that it is not just ordinary image...

Our scans are of extraordinary quality which will make your displayed or printed output stand out. Guaranteed.

We scan in the safety of our studio as well as at your own facility anywhere in Europe, depending on the size of your project.