July 2011 / Guillermo Mordillo at Museo Luzzati, Genoa, Italy

Guillermo Mordillo exhibition at Museo Luzzati is one of the largest exhibitions of his work ever conducted in Italy. It is open from 07.07.2011 until 08.01.2012. Museo Luzzati is housed in Porta Siberia of Genoa's Porto Antico. Art Petrus participates in the exhibition with unique set of 100 Artist Proofs signed by the artist.

April 2011 / Keller Dorian Graphics, France

Art Petrus supplies Cruse CS185ST-RD "Repro-Decor" scanner to Keller Dorian Graphics, based in Lyon. Company is the world leader in developing patterns and engraving rollers for decor, automotive and paper marking industries. Scanner is used to scan their existing collection of 20,000 patterns and to create new ones by scanning natural or man-made patterns. Surface Detection technology, installed on the scanner, allows to create 3D surface model of the scanned object.