About Us

ART PETRUS studio was founded in 2005 in Monaco. From the beginning, our core business was large format scanning and digital printing. Over time our expertise developed into fine art printing and art reproduction for replacement.

We built one of the world's most advanced facilities providing services not only to artists but also to museums and galleries all over Europe.

From 2009 we started to specialise in printing of limited editions for artists such as Viacheslav Plotnikov, Katarina Vavrova, Arlinda Mestre, Guillermo Mordillo, Isabelle Planté, Marie-Louise Brulatour-Mills, Cédric Pollet and Enitram.

From 2014 we further re focussed our business specialising in publishing limited edition prints for graphic artists, illustrators, cartoonists and caricaturists.

We continue to offer our high end collection scanning services to maintain our capabilities with our publishing and printing services ensuring a complete solution producing superior limited edition prints.