We specialise in publishing Limited Edition prints for the world's most famous painters, illustrators and cartoonists.

Our prints are of exceptional quality and are produced to the Digital Master Print® standard.

With low volume edition size and original signature, these prints offer true value and authenticity to galleries and the discerning collector.


Each print is accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist or foundation giving collectors information including how it was created, when it was made, the size of the edition and other information.

Each Limited Edition print is pencil numbered and embossed with a special artist collection logo. Prints are personally signed by the artist with their signature in pencil or by foundation endorsement.

For the purpose of control and protection, each print and Certificate of Authenticity are tagged with a tamper-proof serialized hologram registered in the publisher's database. Publisher's database also registers all the artist proofs (AP) and printer proofs (PP) providing clarity about total edition volume.


The key to a Limited Edition is the number of prints produced so they hold collectible appeal and long term rarity value.

Art Petrus Limited Edition prints are strictly limited to a specific number and no further limited edition prints will ever be produced from the same artwork.

Signed limited editions are generally produced in quantities of 200 to 295 prints each, with addition of 10 to 15 artist proofs (AP) and 2 to 5 printer proofs (PP). Exact edition size, including number of proofs are displayed on our official collection website.


ART PETRUS has developed a standard for printing of fine art prints called Digital Master Print® which guarantees the longevity and color fastness of our prints for over 100 years*. It also guarantees that the artist, digitizing specialist and printer are using original image, equipment and materials to their full potential. The result is that it is practically impossible to distinguish the print from the original artwork.